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Read about what others are saying about us!

Excellent service offering a personal touch, if I had an issue they were no longer than a phone call away and were always quick to respond.


careerDaddy offer an amazing service and I couldn’t be happier! They are dedicated to helping recruiters find great candidates, wonderful service!


If I didn’t find careerDaddy I’m pretty sure i’d be no where, they helped me find a job in less than 2 days and the job is amazing,  amazing service!


Wow just Wow! careerDaddy is an excellent service that offers personal one to one help finding a job and they know how to please, i’d use them again!


Without careerDaddy i’d be homeless, they found me a job and got me sorted out quickly with everything! Can’t quite believe the service level that they offer!

I’m incredibly pleased with careerDaddy’s service. They offer quality candidates & super quick support, they have turned me into a big fan.

Companies We’ve Helped

Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.


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How It All Works

Here at careerDaddy, we want everything to be as simple as possible for both job seekers and employers.

If you are looking for a job, simply register yourself as a Candidate. If you are looking to hire, simply register yourself as an Employer. Once you have done so, start using careerdaddy! If you have any questions, email or call us! It's just that simple!

Check out the video on the right too? Why you asked? Simply because it just makes sense :)

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